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New f55 - Need to upgrade stereo

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Just got my new 5-door diesel. To get a good deal I bought a demo-car which did not have the HK stereo option (Basic - 4 door speakers and small under seat subs). Love the car so far apart from the sound system which is really poor.

I plan to start with a building a under-boot-floor-sub, this weekend and then upgrade the door speakers later on.

My first thought was to get speaker signal from one of the rear door speakers, but I guess they have a lowcut at 100hz or so, does anyone know? I could off course remove a seat and get signal from one of the under seat subs, but I would prefere to tap in to a full frequecy source.

Any suggestions regarding tapping into the factory audio system are welcome!

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My aim was to finish the sub this weekend, but now the car had started popping out of first gear, so I'm not shure if I will keep it since this took all the fun out of buying a new car...
Some F56s seem to have a transmission issue where this happens. Take it back to the dealer and they'll likely swap your transmission. Still no fun, though.
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