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New f55 - Need to upgrade stereo

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Just got my new 5-door diesel. To get a good deal I bought a demo-car which did not have the HK stereo option (Basic - 4 door speakers and small under seat subs). Love the car so far apart from the sound system which is really poor.

I plan to start with a building a under-boot-floor-sub, this weekend and then upgrade the door speakers later on.

My first thought was to get speaker signal from one of the rear door speakers, but I guess they have a lowcut at 100hz or so, does anyone know? I could off course remove a seat and get signal from one of the under seat subs, but I would prefere to tap in to a full frequecy source.

Any suggestions regarding tapping into the factory audio system are welcome!

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I don't believe the underseat speakers are actually subwoofers, just normal woofers. The crossover in the basic speaker setup is integral to the head unit so I'm not convinced it's possible but could be wrong

The HK setup is completely different and takes a digital feed from the head unit into a DAC amplifier and then filters the frequencies to the various speakers and subwoofers.
Dang! I love the quality of info on this forum! Learn something new all the time.
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