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Hello all,

I am a soon-to-be-first-time Mini owner. I had been looking for a compact car to replace my aging daily beater with and after some test drive with a few different models, I went to a local Mini dealership a week ago just because I was curious about the Mini... Walked around and liked what I saw a lot. One color caught my eyes - Electric Blue. What a gorgeous color!. The sale person put me in a 3-cylinder and I drove through some twisty back roads and highway. I was very much impressed by the Mini and that was it - I put a deposit on his desk and drove back home with a big smile.

I spent a whole weekend at Mini USA website to configure my car and here is what I have settled with:

S 5 door
6spd manual
Electric Blue with the roof in Black
JCW interior package(I just wanted those ss pedals....)
Victory wheels in black (not sure if I like how they look but wanted the wheels to be 16" and black)
Black Pearl seats
Satellite Grey door panels
LED headlights
Roof rails
Storage package
Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop (in lieu of the stripes :D)

on 11/16/2015, I signed the final spec and the sale person sent me my production number right away.

I was finally able to register at the owner's lounge last night and the status said "Scheduled for Production". While I was still logged in, I checked my production spec and freaked out. The spec was completely different. A different color, many more options etc. It appeared to be someone else's car. When I entered my production number, the web site asked if my car was a S in Electric Blue and I answered YES. I emailed my sales person about the finding. Let's see what he finds out. Maybe my car is not ready for production yet. In which case, I might get more cool stuff installed :D

Anyways, this is a fun start ;)

Thanks all.

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It's usually a couple of weeks from order before the car hits the production line so you should be able to make changes up to the point where they "lock" the specification for build.

There are a number of R56's around in Electric Blue with with a white roof and white wheels, looks epic.... EB is a nice colour...
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