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Firstly, thanks to all the members who, over the last 18 months, have added so much valuable content to these forums. As I was researching my purchase over the last week (and a bit) I kept finding myself directed back to for information and experiences.

Our Mini almost falls into "impulse buy" territory. We'd been looking around at different small cars to replace our 2008 VW Golf GT Sport TSI which was coming up for its annual registration and, more critically, the very expensive 100,000km service. Last Saturday morning, as I was flicking through dealer brochures from Renault (Clio Sport) and Citroen (DS3) I had that "WTF? What's a Mini cost these days?" moment. The rest, as they say, is history.

The following day were at Mini Garage Sydney and quickly out for a test-drive. We simply told the salesperson "Give us a competitive price on the Cooper S vehicles you have available for immediate sale. If it hits our target changeover price, we'll buy one. If it doesn't, we'll re-register the Golf, place an order and just wait the 3-4 months for one to arrive".

The strategy worked. We got a very good price on a machine spec'd-up with our minimum requirements and a few extras for good measure. Contract for sale was signed on the Tuesday and we picked up the car yesterday morning. I've uploaded some images to my album.

Full credit to the dealer for an amazing customer experience. After sorting out the paperwork we were taken to the car which was sitting under spotlights with a huge red bow on it. A personalised congratulations sign was sitting in front of it along with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot‎ - in a "carbon fibre" padded/insulated Mini carry case. Nice touch

Vehicle is as follows:
  • Vehicle - Mini Cooper S w/ Chili II Pack
  • Colour - Electric Blue II (B86)
  • Trim - Black Pearl / Carbon Black (KDE1)
  • Wheels - 17" Cosmos Spoke black
  • Transmission - Sports automatic
  • Body - Rear spoiler
  • Body - Hood stripe, black
  • Body - Roof and mirror shrouds, black
  • Body - Electric panoramic roof
  • Trim - Storage compartment package
  • Trim - JCW leather steering wheel
  • Trim - Interior surface black checkered
  • Electronics - Reversing camera
  • Electronics - LED headlights
  • Electronics - LED fog lights
  • Electronics - LED daytime running lights
  • Electronics - Professional Navigation
  • Electronics - Excitement Package
  • Electronics - Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
  • Electronics - DAB tuner
  • Electronics - Harman/Kardon Hi-Fi System
  • Electronics - Extended mobile phone prep. w/Bluetooth
  • Electronics - Wired Package

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It looks gorgeous! I am partial to an Electric Blue
Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
Thanks mate. I feel well and truly welcomed. :) Electric Blue wouldn't have been my first choice but now I have it I can't imagine a different colour of MINI in our garage.

Champagne. I got 2 key fobs......yours looks very nice
I can't take any credit for the appearance. BMW/MINI did all the hard work. ;-)

We also scored a couple of metal MINI key fobs but presumed they were a standard inclusion.


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Welcome OzDJMINI, I am another member from Sydney. We picked up our new F56JCW from Trivett Classic Mini approx three weeks ago, this is our fourth MINI.
Your MINI sounds very nice, and the spec is good as well. Enjoy your new car. ��

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I am another member from Sydney. We picked up our new F56JCW from Trivett Classic Mini approx three weeks ago, this is our fourth MINI.
HUZZAH! Congrats. This is my second Mini. The first one, back in 1992, was also my first car.

It was a 1976 Leyland Clubman Mini with a gut-wrenching 998cc engine ;-) Loved that thing. One of the best $1,200 I've ever spent.

Just had a nervous chuckle at having spent more than the cost of an entire used car in 1992 on some LED headlights in 2016.

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