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Bought a new a Hyper Blue and white R53 MCS back in 2004 and had it for 23 months, I was lead astray by a MK2 Focus ST3, I kept the ST for 8 Years. I always regretted getting rid of my R53 so I have just ordered a new F56 MCS in blazing Red and Black

Expected delivery is late march 2015
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Another great build in Blazing Red...
Would agree with everyone else, think hard about the run flats, I have not had them on my last 3 Mini's as they made the ride so hard ln my first 54 reg Cooper
What interior trim option did you chose, as I have ordered glowing red with "mini yours white" and have not seen any others built like mine.
Only another 5 weeks left, looking forward to it sooooo much
Blazing Deb
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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