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Bought a new a Hyper Blue and white R53 MCS back in 2004 and had it for 23 months, I was lead astray by a MK2 Focus ST3, I kept the ST for 8 Years. I always regretted getting rid of my R53 so I have just ordered a new F56 MCS in blazing Red and Black

Expected delivery is late march 2015
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The build is as below, seems to be taking a lifetime to come, got a call from the dealer two days ago and it had not gone into production yet. I ordered it 5 weeks ago.

Blazing Red
Roof and mirror caps in black
Bonnet stripes in black

Park Assistant pack
Media XL pack
Chili pack
Storage compartment pack

LED headlights
JCW roof spoiler
Darkened rear glass
Cruise control with brake function
Rain sensor with auto headlight activation
Leather Sports seats in Cross Punch Carbon Black
Colour line - Glowing red
Front seat heating
Heated windscreen
Head-up Display
Front centre armrest
Rear view camera
Dual-Zone automatic air con
17" Cosmos Spoke alloy wheels in black
Run-flat tyres
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Lovely spec .... but are you sure you want run flats? Most people hate them, they make for a really hard ride.
Yer i thought hard about this, i had them on my R53 MCS and they are a little hard, but i did get a flat in that car and it was brilliant to be able to just drive home and order the tyre for the next day. I live in the country and have to order my tyres.

The alternative system (like in my ST3) only works with small punchers, if the sidewall is split you are stuck, and that was what the alternative offered to me on my F56 MCS.

so i opted for run flats
Nice nice spec donnas right though 're run flats.tho they say t h eye are improving!
I will let you all know what i think once i get the car and have driven it for a month or so.
Welcome! You have picked the very best colour combination with the blazing red and black! My mini is my first experience with run flats. After reading things on here, I was quite worried about it but I really don't mind them. (Even with the giant pot holes that are starting their annual formation here in the land of snow and ice!)
I agree with you, found them ok on my R56 MCS 54 plate, so i think i will be ok with them this time as well. But we will see>:D
What interior trim option did you chose, as I have ordered glowing red with "mini yours white" and have not seen any others built like mine.
Only another 5 weeks left, looking forward to it sooooo much
Blazing Deb
I went for glowing red with the black chequered dash, black leather seats:D
Getting close now, got a call on sunday saying it has been dispatched from the UK plant to the dealer. Going in on Tuesday to sign some paper work and pay the balance. Don't know when i will pick it up yet :D
No this is the first forum I have joined
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