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Greetings! I finally successfully registered for the forum....being able to type proper seems to really help it seems!:)

I have been a long time MINI fan, especially since the 2002 introduction of the modern example (1st generation)....seeing my first Mini Cooper S at Spartanburg, SC (USA) at the 02-02-02 gathering for BMW 2002 owners! I loved the look then, and I still do now!

What I don't know, is which style or year to buy, as I am seriously looking at the moment at all generations (Versions: 02-06, 07-13, 14-present). I am leaning toward buying a new JCW, with as few bells & whistles as possible. Of course I've already put together my ideal car, named "Midnight". The 231 horsepower, twin-turbo, 6-speed sounds very nice!

I am a long time Bimmer fan/owner, and especially the BMW 2002/ I tend to go for the Spartan look & drivability!!!

I hope to learn alot here before buying anything. I'm currently struggling with my love of the first generation (02-06) Mini Cooper S/JCW's (supercharged)...but they are getting alot of miles on them by now.

Anyway, glad to be aboard and I hope I don't ask too many questions, and not too many "dumb" questions.

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