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New Member!!

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Hello All,

:) I have been a long time MINI fan even though I do one own one. I have always wanted one since i discovered them in 7th grade, I'm now 23 just graduated from NSULA with a BS in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration. Owning a MINI has been a long term goal of mine. Hopefully after my career takes off in six months ill be able to say i have ordered my MINI :D

I understand that being part of MINI is being part of a family, which is one of the things that i love MINI for.

Every day I come to and always click on active topics and i read all the posts sever times a day. So I though to myself I may as well join the forum even though I'm not a MINI owner.:)

Umm, I love to sing, I love the outdoors, and I love MINI!!

Thanks, MinisRock4Evr
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