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We finally took delivery of our new F56 Midnight Black Cooper - great delivery experience and even better car....

As our dealer told us, it has been in fact their very first F56 delivery since introduction here in Prague (Invelt Praha dealer), there were few moments I have helped him with functions explanation - as I got advanced start with the Android Owners Guide in my cell phone I have been time to time reading to shorten the waiting time a bit - like launch control function and daytime running lights - so advanced reading helped!

My wife - as she was not aware until the delivery itself - that she is getting it, has taken her private time with her new love for about 1h in the garage - so I had to step up and take care of the family dinner tonight. :|

First impressions - absolute joy to drive it, excellent ergonomy - but it all has been already covered by other forum members getting earlier deliveries - just confirming it all!

Here is at least quick photo taken in front of the dealership with my cell phone so far from the perfect pictures posted by many of you already - but no matter how great picture taken or shown in the brochure, the car looks and feels much better in real life....

For those of you waiting your new Minis hope you will be able to enjoy them soon as well!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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