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Hi everyone,

Name is Kevin and I have been lurking around on these forums for at least a few months while i awaited the arrival of my 16 JCW Hardtop.

Told myself that once i received the car i would switch from lurking to actually contributing to this great community.

I ordered my JCW with roof rails as I have always wanted a bike rack for my car. The last car I had was an 05 Infiniti G35 and it didn't lend itself to to bikes on the roof.

I did a lot of researching on bike racks while waiting for the car on this forum but i still ended up having to do a bit of buy and try to find the right combination for me.

So my hope is this post will serve as not only an introduction but also as a tool to help anyone else in my situation regarding a rack for their mini.

-----------Bike Carrier and Rack-----------------------

Roof Rack | I used the Thule AreoBlade and purchased it in black.

Bike Carrier #1 | Rocky Mount Brass Knuckles | Too long

Bike Carrier #2 | Thule Criterium 598 | Great Fit

-----------Rocky Mounts | Brass Knuckles-----------------------

I originally purchased the Rocky Mounts Brass Knuckles which is a REALLY nice bike rack by the way but it ended up being a bit longer than i wanted with the arm that holds the wheel in the forward position.

With the arm in the backwards position i wasn't thrilled on the aesthetics so i started looking for something else.

Now its important to mention that this will technically fit just fine but the functionality of using your rear hatch or the fact that it might look like your mini has a javelin coming off the front might be deal breakers (to each their own).

-----------Thule Criterium 598-----------------------

I then returned that I purchased the Thule Criterium 598. This fits the car perfectly for me and can be adjusted to ensure the trunk will open while still clearing the bars and the bike.

Here are a few shots of the car and the rack/carrier

01. Stock From the Dealership

02. 3M Crystalline Window Tint (90% Front Window | 40% Remaining Windows)

03. Roof Rack | Thule AreoBlade

04. Bike Carrier #1 (Too Long) | Rocky Mounts Brass Knuckles

05. Bike Carrier #2 (Just Right Size) | Thule criterium 598

06. Space with Hatch Open

07. Bike's (Black is Mine | White and Black is GF's)


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Thanks John I was really debating a red roof or a black one but i decided i wanted to be a bit stealthy since my last car was all red.

Lol we'll see if it helps with any speeding tickets. ;)

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Sure Jon,

Below is my shopping list with links.

I am not promoting Rack Attack or anything it just happens to be where i purchased my items.

Also the Thule Configurator on their website will show everything needed and add it to cart for you.

Any other questions just let me know.

Thule ARB43B 43 Inch AeroBlade Black |

Thule 460R Rapid Podium Fixpoint Foot |

Thule 598 Criterium |

Thule Podium Fit Kit 4020 |

Thule 588 8-pack Lock Cores |

Thule XADAPT8 Adapter Kit (you need 1 kit per bike carrier) |
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