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Hi there

I am looking at purchasing a new MINI, or if i find one with the right specs, i will go used. i will part ex'ing my current 2010 cooper

I am looking to go for a mini one or cooper, black, white silver or moonwalk grey. likely pepper pack if buying new, i would like to add visual boost radio and i wasn't sure what comes as standard with this, i.e do you have to have media pack etc

i have been quoted about £16,895 for this spec with mini one, just wondered if this was about right or if i should push for a better offer? I've not had a brand new car before so this is new to me, i want to make sure I'm getting the best deal as I've seen some used Mini Coopers with better specs (chilli pack, media pack, dark rear glass, with low milage) for around the same price or less and wonder if i should go used

thanks for help
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