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Just received the following email from MINI.

The New MINI Hardtop hits showrooms this spring, but you can catch a glimpse of it before then. We'll be at auto shows and events showing off the new curves and answering questions about all its features like the new MINI TwinPower Turbo engine, Predictive Drivetrain and MINI Connected system. So stop by for a whiff of that new feature smell.

Detroit, MI
2014 North American
International Auto Show
January 18 – 26

Boston, MA
2014 New England
International Auto Show
January 16 – 20

Houston, TX
2014 Houston Auto Show
January 22 – 26

Washington, D.C.
2014 Washington Auto Show
January 24 – February 2

2014 Motor Trend International
Auto Show - Baltimore
February 6 – 9

Chicago, IL
Chicago Auto Show 2014
February 8 – 17

Philadelphia, PA
2014 Philadelphia Auto Show
February 8 – 16

Dallas, TX
2014 DFW Auto Show
February 19 – 23

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Thanks for posting this.
Im surprised they're not making a stop in New York. Usually I see a lot of Mini's in the state and city of NY.
Maybe these are where Mini's are most sold?

do you know if they're doing this for canada?
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