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Hello everyone,

I have just traded my old car in for a Mini Cooper auto so thought I would sign up and say hello.

My previous car was a 2003 Audi A2 which I had for over seven years and absolutely loved. But she was getting a little tired and I was desperate for an auto, so after a bit of research, I took the plunge and bought a Mini.

It's a Mini Cooper auto in blazing red metallic with white roof and silver cosmos alloy wheels, which I think is a great combination! Although I am a little bias ;)

It's got the chilli pack, visual boost and some lovely looking red leather, chrome and gloss black inserts in the cabin.

So far I am loving the car. It's quick, great to drive and reasonably economical too. I couldn't ask for anything more, apart from maybe the LED headlamps which would have been nice, but where do you draw the line.

I've attached a picture so feel free to let me know what you think. And any advice or pointers for a new owner would be great.

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Great looking car mate got my JCW on monday havent driven it much yet but very impressed so far. Got the visual boost myself well worth the money. LED lights are nice but the standard ones are just as good. I drew the live with items i didnt need and put safety and comfort first and foremost when speccing mine or it would of ended up over 30K! At the end of the day your MINI is unique to you and thats what matters most.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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