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Hi Guys!

I found this JCW trim in the right colour online for cheap and decided that it is time to fit a Cooper S exhaust to my Cooper. This is perfectly doable, since the tubing diameter between the Cooper and Cooper S is the same size (JCW is bigger).


My shopping list:
  • Rear bumper trim
  • Cooper S exhaust (can be found quite cheap second hand)
  • Connector piece (to fit the exhaust back together after you cut it) 18307560779
  • (2x) Black Chrome exhaust tip 18309489054
  • Rear fog light left 63247350007
  • Rear fog light right 63247350008
  • Second bulb socket 63247249647
  • Second lightbulb 63217160935
  • Heat shield 51487375698
  • Heat shield bumper 51487290748

------------------ While I'm in there ------------------

* The plastic trims on the sides also differ between Cooper and Cooper S, so I decided to get these splitters from eBay.

* I'm also going to install an exhaust valve, to bypass the rear muffler, same as the JCW Pro exhaust does, but on the cheap :)

* I found out BMW now makes the exhaust tips in black and since I did a chrome delete recently, this is what I'm going to get:


------------------ Progress so far ------------------

I've ordered all the parts, now we wait for them to arrive!
I still need to find a new plug for the second fog light and I'm still searching for a way to wire them properly. Maybe I'll just solder them together and code out the warning if that is giving problems.

I will keep you posted as progress goes!
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I looked into this a while back. A local dealer actually performed a similar feat to a 1499 gt. A local YouTuber did a video on the same car including part of the install process.

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Hi. Thats Brilliant what you are attempting. I am doing similar to my 2016 Cooper, also in white silver !! I had a 2017 F55 S but never really gelled with it & sold it last August. I picked up an F56 cooper as I prefer the 3 cylinder and the added MPG will be great as a daily/work car. Up to date I've fitted: A new black number plate section(was cracked) & whilst removing front Bumper I decided to fit a new Black JCW grill and surround along with Black light surrounds front/back. A JCW rear spoiler & extension tips. Black rear Handle Grab(was chrome, along with grill). Like you, I am looking to fit a rear JCW bumper, and Pro diffuser(which I've bought all ready). Exhaust wise I was hoping to fit a stock JCW exhaust but I'm not sure it will fit correctly onto the cooper down pipe , so I may just fit a cooper S exhaust. I have an almost brand new F55 cooper S exhaust which I removed from my old F55 to fit a JCW one, which I can use, though I'm not convinced it'll sound much better than the cooper one?? I like your idea regarding the Valve. Essentially, all you are doing is a little Re-Plumbing !!!:) You could make the valve manually operated, though you'd have to reach under the car every time you wanted to change it from loud/quiet/loud, which may be a pain if you have a suit Job !!;) Also, how do you find your Remap ?? To me the Engine feels very restricted in its breathing through the exhaust, as did my previous F55 S . My F55 S felt more free to deliver once I'd upgraded to a stock JCW exhaust. Your car will be further improved by a freer flowing exhaust I imagine? Be great to hear how you get on. Good luck. (y)
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