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Hi, I'm new to the forum today, I drive a beautiful 2014 Mini Cooper S and enjoy reading posts from other owners. I look forward to being a member of the forum :)
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Hi Deb! Congrats on the new Mini, bet it feels great to have fun driving again. I am new too, as of yesterday. (and a big Don Henley fan!)

Fantastic, glad you are back to the mini fold. Yes this is my vo Cooper. I'm not good at uploading pics on here. I had a 2010 cooper s in laser blue , and it was my 50th this year so thought I'd treat myself. Went for the Cooper and then put in every option I fancied with the money I saved over the s. Present was an executive factory tour the week before Jasper was built. Fab if you get chance and the shop has it all. We're a mini convert family as my wife runs a roadsters s called Damon!:)
Am on here a lot as have a badly broken arm missing driving! Grrrr!
Sorry to hear about the arm :( hope the healing happens quickly for you. LOVE the VO, considering that color myself though it is a toss up between that and the Electric Blue at this point.

I too turn 50 this year (in less than a month); new Mini would be a gift to myself for what has been a trying few years. Have an '08 that I am still hedging on trading in, as it is still low mileage (37K) and gets great fuel economy (41 mpg).

Life goes by fast, drive happy :D
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