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I just noticed last night on MiniUSA we can finally build out the Cooper S Clubman ALL4

The bad thing is, I did, ...and I am at $44,546.00 :eek2: that's MSRP of course; and not what I'd pay! Plus, the wheeling and dealing on price...

Still, might have to scale some of my options back a bit :wink:

Well, I have never had a Mini. I have had 28 different vehicles in my life, not counting my wife's. I was kinda thinking of getting something different and I happened to run into the 2016 Cooper S Clubman at February's Chicago Auto Show and fell in love, especially when I saw the ALL4 appearing in March/April.

Has anyone heard, if I wait till maybe Fall to order, that the CarPlay or Android Auto interface will be out yet?
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