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Newbie from Surrey, UK

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Hi folks,

Long term Mini driver here, had a few classic minis in the 1960/70s and a couple of modern ones: 1st Gen Cooper and a 2nd gen 'S'. I part exchanged my 'S' 12 months ago (for a Peugeot) and immediately regretted it. I just ordered a Cooper from Barons in Farnborough hopefully to be delivered by March :)

It's going to be:
Electric Blue
Pepper Pack
Heated front screen
Folding Mirrors
Rear park control

Looking forward to getting it and learning from the experiences of all you good folk on here.
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Don't they do Folding Mirrors on the 5 Door then @TraceyC ?
Blimey, a four month wait! I can see why you went for the one on it's way.
Hi @Pedro thanks for the welcome! I had a call from the dealer last week with an update, mine should be delivered on 23rd Feb. So that fits in with your ETA. Over here dealers expect people to delay picking up their new car until March since the registration number plate age identifier changes then, but that doesn't worry me, I'd rather get my hands on it a week early :)

Happy birthday in advance!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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