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I posted the following in the US forum and I will re-post here for people who are open to other cars. Unless you absolute have to have a Mini, you may be able to find a good deal on other European cars.

"I haven't seen my 2014 order because of some VDC drama and my patient is running thin. Mini needs to understand that the car business, just like flat screen TV, cell phone, and other electronic products, price is closely related to time to market. Some deals are popping out in the last month here in SF bay area, probably due to C class's model change discount and drags down 3-series price together. For example, Mt. View BMW has a 2014 BMW 328i on display at Costco in Sunnyvale CA. MSRP was $43500 and now listed for $38070. Maybe some MCS buyers would be interested. It's a premium package plus navigation. is even sweeter that it adds the luxury line package for similar price from Berkeley BMW. A C250 was $40995 and is now $36929 at Costco. Volvo is offering $7000 off 2014 S60 which has MSRP between $37000-$42000. Sure these cars are for different market segments but some buyers may be willing to compromise. I would love to see Mini being force into pricing war with other manufactures because of its delay/mishap. Unfortunately, Mini won't feel the pain until way after their dealers."

I wish those who ordered will get satisfactory answers from Mini and no more drama for myself.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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