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No F56 can have towbar fitted (in UK)?

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So who is going to photograph the VIN plate of their new F56 Cooper to see if Mini have homologated it for towing, so that it can be legally fitted with a towbar in the UK? I've read elswhere that Mini have decided to not bother homologating any F56 Mini for towing, due to low customer demand, and it would be nice to know the answer.

What is needed is someone with a Cooper (not an S, which have never been homologated for towing) to photograph the VIN plate from their car. It is in the door shut on the left side and there is no need to show the whole VIN number if you are concerned about that.

It would be good if it was a Cooper without an optional spare wheel, as that used to prevent a towbar being fitted on R56 models and maybe Mini's computer production system is clever enough to not show a towing weight on the VIN plate if a spare wheel is fitted.

Here is the plate from my Roadster, showing that it is not homologated for towing as the second line of weights (which should be the maximum car + trailer weight) is blank.


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There is a bike rack available that attaches to the two rear towing eyes.
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