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In April/May I posted about an intermittent loss of the 'whoosh' sound on start up and no clicking noise when the indicators were operated. The frequency in occurrence of the problem increased until August when the sounds disappeared altogether. Time to book it in to the dealer.

I took it in on the morning of the appointment day and they rang me about 4pm to say that the fault had gone but they hadn't done anything, however they would ring BMW technical and ask what should be done. It would take a couple of days for a reply so I picked it up.

When they got in touch they said that BMW suggested re-programming the head unit so I arranged to take it in again. On this day they rang again about 4pm saying that they were asking BMW technical for permission to do the re-programming with my aftermarket reversing sensors connected. This wouldn't come until the next day. As they were aware that the reversing sensors were fitted when I first took it in I wasn't impressed with them now snagging the job because of it. I left it overnight.

The next day they rang about midday to say that BMW technical had said that it couldn't be re-programmed with the sensors connected. I ask if they were going to disconnect them but they said no, I had to take it to the electrical engineers who had fitted them. I know that it is judt a connection from the reversing light, and surely thay do too, but I had to bring it home again.

After the weekend I took it to have the sensors disconnected (It took about 5 seconds) and then took it back to Mini. They said if I left it they could probably do it that day, so I did. However they didn't do it so it stayed for another night and I finally picked it up today.

So, after spending 5 full days in their service centre they have carried out a re-programming in the hope that this cures the problem and with no gaurantees.

So, let's see how it goes. I can't help thinking that it's really just a computer on wheels and repairs that we once easily diagnosed and fixed on ICE cars are no longer possible and its actually a software expert sited in a remote technical centre required to fix it.
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