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I just got this email...

Sorry, I can only copy the text rather than the link as it was an email link to my email address...

It's actually more expensive than my current Octopus-Go tarrif but that expires in August.

May be worth switching to a slightly more expensive one now rather than seeing how much my current one goes in August ?

Although it doesn't mention BMW/MINI ?

I wonder why ?

FYI: Intelligent Octopus now works for Land Rover, VW, Jaguar, Ford and Tesla


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16:16 (25 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Roderick,

As an EV pioneer on Octopus Go, we thought you might like to know about our latest beta product. Intelligent Octopus pairs directly with your car and charger to automate your overnight charging for the greenest, cheapest times.
Works with Tesla, Land Rover, Jaguar, VW and some Ford models
Want some Intelligent Octopus love for your car or charger? Answer a few questions to vote for your setup
How does it work?

6 hours of cheap electricity every night (7.5p / kWh).

We’ll pair with your EV system and map your overnight charging so you power up at the very greenest times.

Plug in, set your charging limits, and we'll do the rest through our handy app.

Save up to £100 per year vs Octopus Go on average
Expanding to more cars all the time

To make Intelligent Octopus work, we need to integrate directly with your car and charger. We've launched with some of the most popular systems in the UK but we’re working fast to integrate with more chargers, electric vehicles and operating systems. Answer a few questions to vote for your setup
Love & Power,

Alex, Octopus Flexibility Team

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When I read into this a couple of months ago it only worked with a very short list of specific chargers. Sounds Like it might be ideal for some but I need my car different times every day so not sure it would suit me. :)


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Mini integration went live on the 18th May.

"It's the announcement you've all been waiting for... MINI integration is now live!
Head to 'Manage my EV' to re-select your car and connect your MINI account. This will allow Ohme access to your car's state of charge for more precise charging".
BMW is also included.

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