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Oil change right after break-in period

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Anybody who plans to keep his new F56 going for first oil change earlier than scheduled - just after say 3-5k km?

I have done it with my R class turbodiesel - not that expensive - but seemingly the best anyone can do for extended turbo engine life span - has anyone an opinion on this to share please?

One school of thought says with new engine manufacturing tolerances so precise nowadays and oil quality much improved it is not needed anymore - but still Mini suggests 2.000 Km break-in period - suggesting some metal chips might be around after is the earlier oil change not needed at all or good precaution measure worth carrying out?
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problems with oil filter breaking?

Has anyone heard of the new Minis having a problem with the oil filter breaking while driving?? This just happened to my BRAND NEW less than 6 months old 2014 Mini Cooper hatchback. The engine was destroyed. The service center cannot yet tell me what caused this to happen, but I didn't hit anything in the road like a huge pothole or debris. I'm a bit miffed and wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue??
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