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having originally ordered my ONE the end of may/june??? so long ago i've forgotten.
i have made my final spec change yesterday!!!:)
this would be it 7TH CHANGE since i ordered :eek:
its still at status 1100 and still has delivery week 39
production week slipped from 36 to 37
but dealer says I'll be in it in september

has any body else changed their spec more than me :laugh:

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So what are you having put into your mini one?

Mine is very basic, but does come with a pepper pack. I had a hyandai before, which had a lot of bits as standard. Everything online is geared towards coopers, so actually my car will be a surprise. I really have no idea what I'm getting and what I'm not. I think I will probably miss the reversing sensors the most and my panoramic sunroof.

The online configurator is so blurred its difficult to see any detail.

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after having a well spec'ed SOHO Clubman 4 years ago
i looked at what i would miss.
this had a big input to what i added
Volcanic Orange
Chrome line Exterior
Pepper Pack
Visual Boost / Mini Connected
LED headlights w/daytime running
Heated Windscreen
Folding Auto dimming Mirrors
Anthracite headlining
Darkened rear glass
multi-function steering wheel

i think that is all.

Also got front and rear mud flaps to fit and orange centre caps for the wheels
so i have 0.05% of my car already :laugh:

think i will now email the dealer for a status update :D
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