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Me too, but quite a way to go yet... 420 miles so far. Never thought I'd be so desperate to put miles on a brand new car!
I went mad when I got my second cooper s clubman and
drove like a tosser. after a year I could tell the difference
from my mini and my wife's. The response from mine was
awful and it didn't have the get up and go as it should have.
I took care with my F56 and never went mad and took it
easy for 1200 runs sweet and fast and it does pay
to wear her in. don't listen to the its a modern engine and
you can thrash it from new. They are wrong. the 1200
miles will fly by as you will never be out of the car and run this
up fast as I did. happy driving

This was from another thread on this forum about breaking in the F56 by Madday.

For the sake of taking it easy for 1K miles or risk having a bag o'spanners for an engine, I'm falling for the 'running in' gag.

To be honest, my first car was (hangs head in shame) a brand new Pug 106 which I thrashed from the get go and I will maintain to this day did it the power of good - but that was a £6K car, not £25K. Plus, I didn't keep it long enough to see if this thrashing had any real long term effects as I part ex'd it less than 2 years later but I regularly used to win the good old traffic light Grand Prix with it!
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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