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Ordering a new Mini Possibly tommorw!

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Hi everyone, This is my first time posting. Its looking like my wife and I are finally going to pull the trigger on a new F56 Mini cooper S 5 door in volcanic Orange, (One of the first in western canada?) We plan to order it with most of the options available. This will be our first mini and my wifes first european car. I own a supercharged 2001 330i loaded with goodies, Picture in my Signature. Owning a BMW for several years we are well of some of the quirks that come along with owning a European car but im curious as to what kind of issues and "weird" problems you guys have had when it comes to these cars, We do plan to track the car lightly in the summer time, Its going to be my wifes daily driver. How many of you guys daily drive them? How many of you drive them where it gets very cold. Im from Saskatchewan Canada :) Im curious to what you guys have to say!
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Being English I'd love to know what special issues European cars have for you.pleas elaborate. Here in the uk American cars seem to have a reputation too. Not sure it's based on fact any more, but big thirsty engines poor interior quality lots of gadgets but poor wallowy suspension are often cited. Is it true hmmm not so sure.
I see what you mean .Yes you're right ,European cars aren't the easiest to work on. I had a fiat barchetta, had to move ie near remove the engine to put a new alternator in. Sometimes I think it's size related ie the car is so small access etc is cramped. Mini r56 cooper s ,easiest brake pad and disc change on any car I've ever done ever but try changing the oil filter. Nightmare.

Agreed too with American cars,improving all the time but always been better value for money so much better. I really want the new mustang. Totally in love. Camaro, yes please ! Don't tell my mini but I could be sorely tempted by the new 2 l turbo mustang!
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