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Before I took the MINI to the dealer, I drove it for 1 hour. The lady who prepared the paper work felt that the MINI was very hot, and that day was cold outside. The young lady even said: "it is hot here." What is interesting is that the old models have a vent in the hood. That must be there for a good reason. I am surprised that the new 2015 model doesn't have one. I have asked other MINI owners about the problem, but no one has told me that they have had this type of problem. Unfortunately, none of them owned the 2015 hardtop Cooper MINI. That is why I decided to go to the MINI boggler to ask for help.

Oh! I should say that my MINI does not have a sunroof.

As my background is in the legal field, I have been documenting all my conversations with the dealer, and now I will install a thermometer in the car, which can register the inside and outside temperature and will be saved in the computer.

I truly believe that there is a problem with the car, but as I am a woman and don’t understand much about cars, the dealer will keep telling me that it is the type of the design that makes it hot.
Don't put up with the dealer giving you that kind of attitude. There is no way a car should get hot like you describe. If your A/C is working as it should, a car should get cooler inside after driving, not hotter! If it is coming from the floor then that is definitely a problem. Is there any way you can have a thermometer by the floor and one further up to document the difference in temperature?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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