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An interesting problem (obviously not interesting in the least to those having the problem) and no resolution! This is messing with my OCD!

Adam - At first glance it makes me think that your blend door could be stuck? If you switch the temperature setting from the hottest to the coldest and vice versa quickly, can you hear the blend door moving? With some cars it's pretty easy to hear. Another thought is maybe a faulty heater control valve (stuck open).

Thinking about it more though, the fact that your AC and cooling works fine makes me think this isn't the case.

Is the heat coming from a particular location like the footwell or higher? Does the temperature coming out from the vents change when the car is idling vs moving? If you turn the fans off completely, do you still feel heat? Do you feel heat on both the drivers and passengers side?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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