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Hi guys...

I have the same problem with my 2015 Mini Cooper S. Here is what happens... First of all, 90% of time I drive without AC ON.. Most of the time I will open both windows and sunroof and enjoy the outside air.
Here is what happened today.. Temperature outside was 70F, cloudy. I started my car and drove it for about 1 hr 40 miles away... I have automatic AC system in my car. All my temps were set to 60F and no AC ON.. just wanted air from outside..

In about 15 min from starting driving my car... the air coming from vents was hotter than the air outside of my car. At temp set at 60F the air should feel at least same as air outside of the car... and it was actually hotter, I would say in mid 80Fs..

Eventually I had to turn OFF my air circulation completely and let the windows being open to cool my car inside..

This literally feels like hot air from engine compartment is getting mixed with air from outside. Of course when I turn my AC ON everything feels just fine and its nice cold air.

I have 7K miles on the car and this is not the first time this happened.. I am 120 miles away from dealer and will take it with this issue for my next oil change.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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