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So while not carved in the stones yet its highly likely that the old balls of the MINI lineup do not make a return for a second round.

MINI needs to be ”more relevant for more people,” Oliver Friedmann, the brand’s head of product management, told Automotive News Europe. ”Our first priority is to roll out a portfolio that has strong pillars and to be absolutely clear what each stands for.”

Friedmann says the hatchback and the Countryman are the two pillars of the brand with a potential third one being the 2015 Clubman.
I'm a little surprised at the Paceman to be honest, I've always had kind of a thing for it, it was beefier like the Countryman but offered a rakish roof in a coupe form, to be honest I was kind of waiting to see a new Paceman before making moves on F56.

in Europe MINI has moved 3,858 Coupes, 2,678 Roadsters, 7,485 Clubmans and 8,229 Pacemans in Europe. Not bad until you notice the 47,177 Countrymans and 78,102 Coopers moved...
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