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Paint rub on door jam.

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Has anyone else noticed some marring of the paint on the door jam above the lock just below the level of the bottom of the window?

Just spotted this on mine today. There is a clear urging mark that has taken the clear coat off the paint. It is on both sides, worse on the driver side.

It looks like it has been caused by the rubber seal mounted on the door.

Will post if I get time and can figure out how to do so.
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Urging above should be rubbing, sorry.

Suggest people check this out. I can't be the only one with this? ? ?
Someone else mentioned this on the FB page. Seems like this is a known issue ...

Someone suggested polishing the affected area?
Ah!, thanks for letting me know.

I would think it would just return if polished out. Seems like a tolerance issue to me with the rubber seal. The door appears to sit correctly.
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Thanks for this.

I will take some pics and email my dealer.

The surface of the seals is rough, probably abrasive like sandpaper
This is what I have... (with a close up). If you close the door you can find the matching area of rubber seal and feel how rough it is.

View attachment 5609 View attachment 5617
That's the same as mine.

Thanks for posting the pics.

Any update on this issue?
Today I received the following message from my dealer...

I have spoken with the technical manager for Mini regarding the issue you have with the paint rubbing off the pillars on your vehicle, They have confirmed they are aware of this issue & are currently waiting on the procedure being released.

I would expect us to be updated within the next couple of weeks.
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My car is having the door seals and paint fixed this coming week. I first reported this about last March when the dealer took some pictures and sent them to MINI.

These should be the latest version of the seals so let's hope this fixes the problem and does not introduce something new.
My dealer has been pushing MINI for months. That admitted that there was an issue and we're working on a solution. The new seals were released in about November apparently.
Got my car back yesterday.

The new seals are very soft indeed, so I think these must be the final version. I insisted that they only paint within the paint recess and the job looks perfect.

As a belt and braces measure they have also fitted need little film strips, these look to be made for the purpose and perhaps supplied with the seals as part of a "product enhancement". These little strips are invisible unless you are looking for them.

If anyone has paint wear that is bothering you then I recommend you contact your dealer.

If they are not aware of the fix being available, ask them to get in touch with the warranty manager at Peter Vardy BMW/MINI in Edinburgh.
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Hi Ed.
The Roadster (I love them BTW) is a totally different model. So the different arrangement is not surprising.
Are you planning a change to an f5* soon?
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Good service there Dollyman.
You do not know for sure that the ones on your car are the latest versions.
MINI released these to repair damaged cars in December. That does not guarantee that factory stock was also changed.
Just a thought!
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