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Hello. I have a 2020 F54 Cooper S Clubman with 500 miles on it. Just bought the car new. It has a 6.5 inch touchscreen display with no CarPlay and no NAV. I want both, plus the 8.8 inch display. I think I have to change the head unit, the iDrive controller and the display. I think the parts I need are:
  • Head Unit (with MOST port support and MINI navigation support for future upgrades)
  • 8.8 inch touchscreen
  • Touchscreen frame
  • Excitement ring (the light halo arround the screen)
  • Larger touch Idrive controller
  • USB to head unit cable
  • Screen to head unit cable
  • Wifi/Bluetooth to head unit dongle
Problem is, I need correct part numbers. I want them to be correct for the 2022 car. Can anyone provide the part number to me please?

Thank you!

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