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Patience is a virtue!

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So that's my new Cooper D ordered :) Red with a black roof, with added touches such as Pepper/Media XL packs, heated seats and windscreen, parking assist, electronic mirrors and comfort access.

It feels a little mad ordering a car I haven't demo'd but I test drove the old style and fell in love with it within the first five minutes. So I'm hopeful this can only be better still! Also, I'm a company car driver (I hope I still count on here??) so it's a little less risky ;-)

My boyfriend will be quite glad to see the back of my Fiat 500C but I'll miss it...let's hope the Mini is worth it! Current estimated delivery date is end March - that's actually earlier than I'd expected, but still quite a wait (hence the subject line!).
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Haha I'm not nearly as patient as that dog Italianjob!! But I'm trying :)

I had a call from the dealer earlier - car is expected to be delivered to them on 17th March, and then I should have it 5-7 days later once they've done the checks etc. Could be worse! When I ordered my fiat 500 four years ago I had to wait 4 months. I guess mini aren't perhaps getting tons of orders yet as people are being far more sensible than us and waiting to see it in the flesh before ordering!!
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