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Patience is a virtue!

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So that's my new Cooper D ordered :) Red with a black roof, with added touches such as Pepper/Media XL packs, heated seats and windscreen, parking assist, electronic mirrors and comfort access.

It feels a little mad ordering a car I haven't demo'd but I test drove the old style and fell in love with it within the first five minutes. So I'm hopeful this can only be better still! Also, I'm a company car driver (I hope I still count on here??) so it's a little less risky ;-)

My boyfriend will be quite glad to see the back of my Fiat 500C but I'll miss it...let's hope the Mini is worth it! Current estimated delivery date is end March - that's actually earlier than I'd expected, but still quite a wait (hence the subject line!).
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I'd take the Mini over the Fiat anyday :)

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new purchase/
I hope you give the Fiat 500 a try before finalizing your decision.
The Mini has a strong rep and history, but the Fiat 500 is doing VERY well.
Welcome to the forum Metalpetal!

Don't worry I am sure there are more here that have thought the same. We are all sane ;)

Just imagine when it arives and you get a call from your dealer and you get to see it and drive it for the very first time. The drive over to the dealership will be intense. I don't think anyone would look back after that. Good call on the order.

Just be glad that you will be receiving when winters is at its end
Usually getting behind the wheel of a new car gets a lot of people signing off the papers to one. Nothing like getting first hand experience.
March is so far away, but at least you have an exact date, most people get told a month and not a specific day. Hopefully there aren't any delays or anything. Keep us posted because im looking forward to this.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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