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Congrats mate, would love to know about your buying experience, what kind of options did you get and also the cost?

Cheers mate, enjoy that beauty.
My buying experience started out rough tbh. I was initially looking at a 2013 demo model and the dealer I was stuck was a fckwit. Not only was I given the "you don't look like you can afford this" treatment, when I asked if there was any room for price movement, the response I got was "from new RRP to what we've priced now is a $6k drop, is that not generous enough for you?"
He also got angry at me for not wanting to return his calls after that.

I later got a courtesy call from the manager and I relayed my experience, got put with another dealer and it was great from there. got everything I wanted and constantly kept in touch.

OK car specs: (only a recent car enthusiast so I'm not sure what else I should be listing. if you need more info just let me know)

Pepperwhite MCS, black roof and mirror caps
35% tint on the front, 22% in the back
17" tentacle spoke runflats
Wired pack (nav system and bluetooth)
Chilli pack
Chrome line interior
Comfort Access
Sport seats and steering wheel
Park Distance Control

Got also a free 4 years/60,000km servicing through a corporate program.

All up set me back $40 big ones.

Congratulations!! Hope you're enjoying her so far :D

Keeping my fingers crossed for a bow when mine's delivered! Not sure the dealer here will bother though :(
Might surprise you maybe, I started out with a shitty experience and didn't expect squat and got bow + free stuffs. hopefully you will too mate

Do you get the bow as well?

i didnt keep it because i wouldnt know what to do with it. but i got the boxer and one of them collapsible umbrellas
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