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Pickup tomorrow? Nope.

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So disappointed. Just had a call from my dealer to say that the car hasn't arrived at their PDI centre. Apparently Mini haven't managed to fill a transporter that's going the 50-60 miles from factory to dealership and so won't be shipping out the cars. What's more, they don't know when they will. I've got to rearrange insurance and tell the person who's buying my car that they may not be able to have it on Saturday as planned. So annoyed.
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Transportation is a problem here in the US also. The transporter picked my car up on the 13th of June, 60 miles from my Mini dealer and decided to deliver it on the 17th.. I can't complain too much due to the fact that I ordered my car on the 9th of May and it hit the port here in NJ\NY on the 11th of June.. Now I'm waiting for the dealer to program and PDI the car..
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