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Pickup tomorrow? Nope.

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So disappointed. Just had a call from my dealer to say that the car hasn't arrived at their PDI centre. Apparently Mini haven't managed to fill a transporter that's going the 50-60 miles from factory to dealership and so won't be shipping out the cars. What's more, they don't know when they will. I've got to rearrange insurance and tell the person who's buying my car that they may not be able to have it on Saturday as planned. So annoyed.
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Once the cars leave the factory it seems that a third party delivery company take over and anything can happen.
"Couldn't fill a transporter", so a whole lot of potential owners are messed up at the most emotionally important time apart from the financial knock on effects.

As I previously mentioned my delivery truck left the factory on Friday morning, and I was due to pick up the car that evening or Saturday, but the driver decided he had had enough and stopped for the weekend near Carlisle.
Don't know if he stayed with his lorry load of cars or just went home and left them in a lorry park.
So the car arrived on Monday with "too much traffic, just stopped" being the excuse.
Just a law unto himself, and why should someone else get a nice new car while he has to sit in a truck all day...

Mini need to take control of the delivery service.Whoever it is sub-contracted to is letting Mini down, big time.
I suspect the problem may be more with him running out of hours on his tacho earlier than expected due to unexpectedly bad traffic on a Friday evening on the routes past Birmingham / Manchester etc.

If I was a dealer and was expecting a car on Friday, I wouldnt be organising delivery for that weekend just in case.....

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