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Plant Oxford Tour

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Has anyone done this? Thought it would be cool to go visit and maybe see my mini getting made! Looks like a decent tour by the sounds of it!
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I've been on it once, and it was a great tour. You can't go into the paint shop (to avoid contamination) but you do get to see the robots building the bodies and get taken along the production line. You'll see the initial start of the line, the windscreens and engines going in and also the end of the line, where they're filling the car with fluids and driving it off the production line.

They give you a set of headphones with a mic, so you can hear the guide and ask questions.

I'm going again on the 11th of August and again in October.
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You should try to go on other tours as well

There are other tours??
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Yes Andy - go to Cadbury's world and have a lot of chocolate

Actually don't it was boring.


Buckingham Palace - maybe a chance meeting with her Majesty?

Cadbury's world I'd like to go to.

Buckingham Palace, been there done that many times
MCD - Oh come on - seriously - you should have just come to me I would taken you around volcanic orange Mini spotting around the country

I have a better about we go spotting Midnight Black Mini's
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May check it out!

Love the banter here guys!
You'll get used to GK7. You'll soon realise he's slightly deluded and thinks all Mini's should be Volcanic Orange!
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As much as your black obsession Andy!!!

My first choice was grey, my second choice was white silver.

How many times........I was overruled!

Volcanic Orange was a never a choice for me
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And my first choice was Thunder Grey also - but I bottled - it looked too mauve in some pics. So happy within my black. :)
Anne your Mini is stunning.

Whenever I have doubts about my colour choice, I just look at your photos and I know I made the right decision in going with the black.

My current Mini is black and that's stunning, so I know I'll be very happy with it >:D
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vO is an epic colour! Can't wait to drive it!

Do they have a shop at mini plant? Would love to get some goodies! I take it the 6pm tour will be as good as others?
No comment on the colour lol.

My tour on the 11th of August is booked for 6pm, so hopefully it will be just as good!

I believe there is a goody shop there
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