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I just use Carplan Original Black - £4.50 from Halfords. Seems to last for about 3/4 washes? Originally got it for the textured plastic, lower door side blades on my Macan, which, however well you wash the car, always dry to a light, hazy brown (why they would design it that way is beyond me?).

Last wash, the Mini front arch trims were exhibiting some 'waxy' runs at the joint between the bonnet and wing shutlines (now suspect some leftover Autoglym Polar Seal in the joint area?) and I made the mistake of going at them with a plastic kitchen scouring pad. Not a good idea as the direct area went a hazy grey! Seems to have corrected with Turtlewax Black Polish (I know that coloured car polish does not work on paintwork, but it is good marketing!) and a couple of applications of Carplan OB.

I'm not a huge fan of black plastic trim on cars (seems very 1980's), but on the Mini, it is such an integral part of the design/look, the painted versions shown in another thread don't seem right imho, so I am resigned to the additional maintenance?
Our Macan has the carbon fibre inserts so thankfully don't have that problem :p

I did see someone who had the black plastic trim painted in matt black. I though it was genius! Doesn't detract from the look and nor does it fade. Could be an alternative option?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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