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I've usually played music in my F56 Cooper SD (with MINI Connected XL) from my old reliable iPod Classic, connected via USB. However, as a subscriber to Google Play Music I'm now able to access/download lots of new albums/tracks, which I can download to a mobile device, but not my iPod. So, I have downloaded quite a few new albums to my Samsung Android phone.

I've had a play around with this in the car, but it seems the only way to play these new albums in my car is to open the Google Play Music app on my phone and start playing a particular album on the handset, then connect the phone to the car stereo via Bluetooth. The music is then played via the car speakers, and the artist/album/track details are displayed in the central display. However, there are a couple of limitations:
- I can't search for other albums on my phone via the car's central control wheel or the steering wheel controls. I have to do this on the phone handset, which is obviously a big no-no while driving.
- All I seem to be able to do via the steering wheel controls is select previous/next track.
- No album art is displayed on the car's display panel, even though the album art is displayed on my phone handset.

Am I missing something here, or is this the best interaction I can achieve when playing music from my phone via Bluetooth?

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What you describe is exactly what i have on spotify in our f54 and was the same in our f56. I got over the inability to move between albums : I just made a huge playlist so no issues in going between playlists or albums!! I am pretty chuffed with having this and the way it my f56 i could use the steering wheel keys to look ahead at tracks and fast fwd or rewind but not in our f54. Apparently there is a software update for this but im not that bothered tbh.
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