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Please check your Steering Wheel Chrome Ring/Airbag

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I discovered yesterday that the chrome ring around the airbag starts to split. :(

First let me say this is not the original airbag that came from the factory mine got replaced about 6 month ago by my Dealer because the Mini Logo started too peel just like this one now

Well my Chrome Ring around the Steering Wheel Airbag starts to slowly crack in the 3 o clock position ( as you can see in the pictures) what bothers me is that that the crack is exactly in line (vertical) with the 2 plastic flaps that should break so the airbag can do it,s job. As of Saturday Morning when I parked the car in the garage was not there ( I would have seen it when I cleaned the interior) I found the split yesterday when I pulled the car out of the garage for the 1st time all weekend. I also checked the front of the car and there is no damage. I guess I will book a service call with the dealer.

Sorry some of the pics did not come out as clear because of the flash. Anybody else got that problem?

My thought was that the dealer put too much pressure on the screw when he/she installed it but I am a little concerned because I had one airbag going off on me driving down the road in the past. Yes it was a Fiat.:(:(:D
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Chances are they broke the ring when they changed the airbag

As i believe the ring is seperate from airbag as u get the chrome ring if u pickedthe chrome line intereor option

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