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Polish and tings!

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Ok guys,

I have ordered a few items to help care for my mini

two types of shampoo - just to try them out and get used to actually cleaning my car!

Simoniz and meguiars gold

10 microfibre cloths and 3 microfibre wash mitts

Sonax Quick detailer (already have) and alloy wheel cleaner (already have)

One thing I don't have is a polish and I don't want to go straight from washing to using Sonax. Am I correct in thinking the polish gives it a little protection?

Anything else I should think about using (car is Deep Blue).

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So any recommendations?!!!
Thanks guys, I certainly won't be using a sponge!! I've already got the microfibre mitts so all's good there! There's so much to learn.

I do want to try the snow foam, been trying to get Andy to get one too - he's getting a power washer!!!
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Try getting yourself some Valet Pro Citrus pre-wash.
Dilute around say 8-1 (check dilution rates) with warm water in a sprayer, and spray it all over the car before you do anything.
Pay particular attention to the wheel arches and the lower sills where the road grime gets.
Then leave it to soak while you get the buckets and shampoo out etc (about 10 minutes), rinse it off and then wash car as normal.

Great stuff, and you will be amazed at what it shifts.
Thanks for that, will add to my list to order! Seems to have a great reputation and looks like you can also use in the snow foam bottle too.
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That really is a mammoth effort. I'm not sure what kind of protection MINI would have put on my car, there's something on the car as the water ran off very quickly when I cleaned it this morning.

I rinsed Power washer), then washed with a microfibre mitt, rinsed again and then applied Sonax on the car as I don't have any other products at the moment.

I need to find an easy to apply wax product - any suggestions?

Next step for me is to buy a snow foam lance and the Valet Pro Citrus pre-wash so that will add a couple more steps but with any luck each step will lessen the risk of cleaning scratches and marks.
Mark reminds me of a question I'm sure Solar or someone can answer.

Once you've rinsed for the very last time, what cloth do you use to wipe over the car to dry it? I've ordered microfibre cloths but not bought anything for drying! Doh!
Thanks Donna. I've ordered 10 microfibre towels (small ones i'd guess) but I'll definitely add this to my list.

Hoping to hear back from a sponsor of another forum to see if he /they can do any offers - will let you know. I need a bit of stuff!
Microfibres are best generally used for 'wipe on wipe off' kinda cloths. Drying should have a dedicated drying towel. If you get lots of beading you sometimes will benefit from having two.

If you go really OCD then a Blaster is your next buy!

Invaluable for when your polishing/waxing .... you know how annoying it is when you've dried your car, ready to polish and water keeps dribbling out the seals...... (I've heard some people use garden vacs to the same effect but they're quite heavy!!!)
Thanks Donna, the microfibre towels are for applying and buffing quick detailers etc but I will buy this dedicated drying towel. I'm also in the market for some wax and polish so the towels will be invaluable! Don't think my double garage will know what's hit it when all the stock arrives!!
As this thread has thrown up a number of very useful products I'm wondering if it would be useful if I start a new thread and update the first post with products recommended by users on here?

I've been speaking to Mark at Autobrite via email, will call him later as he has a cracking deal on snow foam lance and snow foam products.

Just a thought.
sounds like a cracking idea milo, also recommended retailers & maybe get a group buy going?
I've sent Admin a message to see if it's ok to do and to openly discuss possible buying deals.
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The magifoam from autobrite is the best snow foam ive used, It does however create a huge mess and can take hours, sometimes days to clear. The auto finesse avalanche isnt far behind the magifoam with its power but it creates no mess (could maybe be due to the dilution ratio im using). depends how dirty the car is with which products i use.
Do you mean to clear on the car or on the ground?!! I've got a drain very close to where the car is kept and I had assumed it would just be a case of rinsing the magifoam off the car after 20 minutes and pushing the soap to the drain with the power washer? Good to hear it's good!
Auto finesse citrus power is also a real good tfr if you cant justify the price of the foam lance. It cant be left like the snowfoam can in sun but is real good, the photo below is the tfr sprayed on and a couple mins later jet washed off, No agitation.

Valet pro Citrus pre wash is a cheaper alternative and works pretty much just as well as the af stuff.
That's impressive.
Just spend £90 on products including a foam lance, drying towel, cherry glaze, applicator and something else I can't remember!

I've emailed polishedbliss to ask them a few questions and for them to recommend a sealant for my deep blue, watch this space.
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I'm sure I recommended that to someone on here already - perhaps it was for BRG.

Bet they come back with the Werkstat Acrylic Kit, if you do, GET IT, you will not be disappointed.

I've got wax looked out for VO.
I mentioned Werkstat in the email so we will see! Also need to order poorboys wheel sealant!. This list is never ending!
I did some reading on the bilberry wheel cleaner a while ago when i was changing wheel cleaners, and read that it will strip a wheel wax. As you have sealed your wheel already a simple car body ph neutral shampoo will be sufficient. OR you can use bilberry diluted 10 to 1 but even then it will slowly remove it.
When i was chaniging cleaners I spoke to the owner at Juicy details and his wheel cleaner is a ph neutral and claims it will not strip the sealant on your wheels. Its also a really good cleaner and smells of mint :)
Constant power washing will slowly remove the wax on your wheels also.
Funnily enough I mentioned to a colleague that I was ordering poorboys wax sealant and he mentioned my bilberry would strip the wax. I am planning on doing the bilberry once more and then only every other month and will wax coat the wheels once a month - will see how the wheels wash off!
Received a good email back from polished and they did recommend the werkstat kit but at £61 I'll pass at the moment, not solely because of the money but I ordered Project 32 from autobrite yesterday and that will help protect the paint for now.

Anyone used that?

Big box arrived this morning, pics tonight! Ordering another drying towel today too!
After a successful wash and dry with the snow foam the other day, for the first time in my existence I've washed the car twice in one week!! I just gave it a regular wash tonight with meguiars shampoo, rinse with the power wash and towel dry (man these things are cool).

I then added a coat of Project 32 and the result is fantastic. Very very pleased with the shine and reflection.

Ran out of time to give the new car a going over with Cherry Glaze - next time and I didn't get to give the alloys a wax coating but this weekend hopefully.
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Cleaned the wheels today as the car itself is clean anyway but wanted to add a sealant on the alloys as soon as possible. They've come out well. Used Poorboys and took approx 40 minutes to do all 4. I do think I may need to add more sealant next time, not sure I used enough!

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I think this is what Solar is talking about

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Solar - is Iron X the best product of its type? I'm looking to find a spray, one of the guys in work looking at the car on Friday noticed some iron fallout. Has this always been here? I've never heard of it before but concerned it eats into the paintwork so easily.
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