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Polish and tings!

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Ok guys,

I have ordered a few items to help care for my mini

two types of shampoo - just to try them out and get used to actually cleaning my car!

Simoniz and meguiars gold

10 microfibre cloths and 3 microfibre wash mitts

Sonax Quick detailer (already have) and alloy wheel cleaner (already have)

One thing I don't have is a polish and I don't want to go straight from washing to using Sonax. Am I correct in thinking the polish gives it a little protection?

Anything else I should think about using (car is Deep Blue).

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Try getting yourself some Valet Pro Citrus pre-wash.
Dilute around say 8-1 (check dilution rates) with warm water in a sprayer, and spray it all over the car before you do anything.
Pay particular attention to the wheel arches and the lower sills where the road grime gets.
Then leave it to soak while you get the buckets and shampoo out etc (about 10 minutes), rinse it off and then wash car as normal.

Great stuff, and you will be amazed at what it shifts.
1 - 1 of 151 Posts
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