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Potential delay??

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Has anyone experienced a delay by adding options once ordered?

I've been confidently told by my dealer that my MC will be delivered 1st week of July (not holding my breath) but I would quite like to add the variable damper control as I've ordered 17" wheels and what with England's potholes!?! I ordered on the 9th April and have been waiting very patiently..... I don't know if it's worth adding anything else if there is a risk of delaying it even further :confused:

I have contacted the dealers and she said "they won't be able to tell until I adjust the order" but will it be too late then if it does create a delay?

Just for the record:
Moonwalk grey
Black roof
Black 17" cosmos wheels
Chilli pack
DRL/LED lights
Visual boost radio
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With the variable damper control you can feel the difference between green/mid-modes and sport mode, but by how much entirely depends on the quality of road.

On a smooth road, the car rides well even in sport mode. On a poor quality road with potholes and/or undulating surfaces I find sport mode uncomfortable for anything more than a couple of minutes. But the handling is sharper in sport mode.

I drive the car in green mode most of the time and then when I see a roundabout or some fun twisties I switch to sport mode.

I've got the MCS which is has a slightly stiffer set up than the MC in both non- and VDC variants. That means a VDC equipped MCS in sport will be slightly stiffer than a similar MC, but a VDC MC in green/mid mode will ride better than a similar MCS. :)
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