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Potential delay??

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Has anyone experienced a delay by adding options once ordered?

I've been confidently told by my dealer that my MC will be delivered 1st week of July (not holding my breath) but I would quite like to add the variable damper control as I've ordered 17" wheels and what with England's potholes!?! I ordered on the 9th April and have been waiting very patiently..... I don't know if it's worth adding anything else if there is a risk of delaying it even further :confused:

I have contacted the dealers and she said "they won't be able to tell until I adjust the order" but will it be too late then if it does create a delay?

Just for the record:
Moonwalk grey
Black roof
Black 17" cosmos wheels
Chilli pack
DRL/LED lights
Visual boost radio
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Ill come from it from a different point of view

By now your car from the 9th of April ( my original one was put in two days prior before I cancelled on Monday - find my thread Not Happy) should have been locked in and no changes coming from you should ever take place now.

However because it's not and it got caught up in the diesel fiasco Mini are not building the petrols around that date when all **** broke loose with production therefore diesel builds are taking precedent - it has nothing to do with the petrol builds now - they will be honoured on time it's all about the orders that got stuck a few months back.

So when the stealer I mean dealer says you can add of course you can then he/she will tell you you have to wait until August September for delivery - don't be shocked about this because as mentioned those orders are subjected to the prior issues - those diesels will have to be built first.

How do I know?

It's happened to me and I had to order again from somewhere else when the original dealer I ordered from didn't even want to reorder the same car for me - arrogance.

Put whatever you need to put on - just be prepared for the rest

Their is no other delay from Mini other than bringing all prior diesel orders coming back into the fold

That is the updated info from this week from Mini/BMW from the top.
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I've just about had enough

The only thing I can say is that ordering it again has been easier because the person in question who has helped has been exceptional

And I mean that
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As for the Damper Control

I'll let you know when I test it on mine!

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