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Potential delay??

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Has anyone experienced a delay by adding options once ordered?

I've been confidently told by my dealer that my MC will be delivered 1st week of July (not holding my breath) but I would quite like to add the variable damper control as I've ordered 17" wheels and what with England's potholes!?! I ordered on the 9th April and have been waiting very patiently..... I don't know if it's worth adding anything else if there is a risk of delaying it even further :confused:

I have contacted the dealers and she said "they won't be able to tell until I adjust the order" but will it be too late then if it does create a delay?

Just for the record:
Moonwalk grey
Black roof
Black 17" cosmos wheels
Chilli pack
DRL/LED lights
Visual boost radio
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If you want the option you want the option. If you don't get the option then it's not the car you want.

Whatever the delay, you'll have the car for longer than that and you don't want to be regretting a decision all that time. If you take it to the extreme you can buy a dealer demonstrator now and not choose any options. No delay, but is it what you want?

I think it just comes down to "Do you want the option?"

Having said that, I think I've avoided changing any bodywork related options (roof colour, sunroof, roof rails)... I don't know whether variable dampers would incur a delay.
I think we're in the same situation... I've ordered a cooper and not the variable dampers.

I've read some people say they can't tell the difference and other reviews say it's one of the best features. On the one hand I'm not a driving enthusiast as such, so maybe I wouldn't appreciate it. But on the other had I have the driving modes and maybe I won't get the full benefit of that feature without the dampers.

Arrrggghhh! I completely agree with you that we've been left too long to second guess our choices. I've already added more stuff twice!

I chose LED headlights too. Everyone says they're brilliant and the headlights on my current car are rubbish, so I'm not doubting that one!
Week 26? That's the same as mine :)

Does that mean our cars will be related?
Ha ha what have you ordered? :)
In a word

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Just out of interest: UK clients would get their cars much earlier than rest of world since they are made in your backyard yes??
Doesn't seem like it... I think mini make the overseas cars first and then ship them out. UK customers seem to have a 2-3 month wait, or longer.
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