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Potential Owner (Options vs Options ???)

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Hi Guys,

Ive been seraching around and this forum defo looks like the best source of info on the F56 so hello to everybody :)

Im on the verge of purchasing an F56 (very excited) however i have a conundrum im hoping you guys can help with. for some background here is my build so far...


- Chili Pack
- Media XL Pack


- Midnight Black
- Darkened Rear Glass
- JCW Roof Spoiler
- "17" Cosmos Alloy in Black


- Cross Punch Leather (Black)
- Glowing Red Colour Line
- JCW Steering Wheel
- Anthracite Headlining


- Variable Damper Control :)

So here is the problem, i am currently at the top of my finance budget but i really would like the LED headlamps (although an expensive option). If you were in my position would you consider any of the below to get the headlamps?

a) Loose the Leather?
b) Loose the Metallic Paint and stick with white?
c) Loose the variable dampers?
d) Other?

Are LED headlamps worth that extra cash or are there any options which in your opinion are worth having other others?

appreciate all feedback :)
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And you get nice cloth seats!
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