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Pothole damaged tyre today :(

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Had a bit of bad luck today hit a narsty pothole and noticed this when I got to work. Lucky the wheel wasn’t damaged. I will put a claim into Staffordshire County council but I won’t hold my breath. The pothole was reported 3 weeks ago! Interesting for me was the damage
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to the inside cords on the Hankook tyre
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I hit this crater back in 2019, made a tear in the sidewall, cost me £170 for the replacement. TPMS instantly told me I had a flat, and there was no way to avoid it as there was another car to my right. Edinburgh City Council said as they had performed regular checks on the road and it was on their schedule of works I had no claim.

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Councils are tightening up on these types of claim. Could you take it to the small claims court if they say no?
Experienced a pothole impact in my 2018 JCW. Right front. Thought the worst. But steering was fine. Brought up the TPMS display and tire pressures were fine. Dropped co-worker off at BART station and drove 30 miles to home. Tire was fine.

Thought I dodged a bullet.

But next morning I gave the tire a visual and spotted a bubble just like in your pic. Tire was "flat". But being a run flat I made it live up to its billing and drove it 10 miles to the dealer to get new tires.
Its infuriating! Had my car a month and did two tyres in one go! Decided to replace the whole set with PS4's and promptly did it again so I had to buy 5 fricking tyres in less than 2 months of ownership.
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