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Hi is there a discussion about power up the mini ?
interrested to know what power have people achieved and what gone wrong or working smooth ?
upgrades, intakes, etc.

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On my MCS I’m running a Stage One, with a ProRam Induction Kit. Which is doing 260bhp / 400Nm through standard exhaust system (Didn’t like the drone of an aftermarket).

It’s a fun setup, that isn’t nuts on the road. Still spins in 3rd though! 215 tires should help that. I also fitted 330mm front brake discs / callipers to drop as well as it goes.
I had a dtuk power box on my old JCW and that made it go very well. Will look at getting one for the clubman when the time is right
i might get a tunning box want to keep waranty, JCW looks very expensive to repair :unsure:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts