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Today I found out that on the configurator in the UK I could create great screenshots of my Mini F55 to be. Next week the lease company will have in their systems so finally, after three weeks the Mini sales could enter my order, I can place the order. >:D
Meanwhile here is my computer background to watch:

So go to
then select model, colors and then under the option (top left above your Mini) select Tools, there is an icon for the lights (you can turn them virtually on) and there is a camera icon. Click on that and you can choose the size of your wallpaper up to 1280x960!. Right click to save to your computer.

Enjoy (while waiting ;))

Ps alloys are "Roulette - F55 only)

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Chili, visibility and welkome packing
Easy entry
Driving assistant
Tinted windows
Rear view camera
Black interior, cotton wood and Cross leather punch
Dimming mirror
Heated seats :)
Black interior
Exterior is in the image above :)

Still not sure if the parking package will fit in my lease budget. So that is still pending.
In total almost full option excl. JWC, HC speakers, chrome lines, folding exterior mirrors.
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