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Although a strange heading for a thread I was driving back home earlier and as I’m doing the majority of urban driving at the moment it goes on green mode immediately to save fuel. Performance isn’t an issue as I’m in traffic most of the time! I digress!

One thing that fascinates me is the number of miles left in the petrol tank, I’m gutted when it goes down only to creep back up a little when I get a good burst! Which leads me to my question …………….

What’s the maximum total of miles left per tank you have seen in your car? So the total you expect to get out of your tank.

Urban/Motorway – 445 (1st tank) driving back from dealer and then urban
Urban - 340 total Miles (second tank) that’s 110 miles driven and 230 left in tank

This is with the Mini Cooper predominately in Green Mode.

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